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People with disabilities may have trouble learning as quickly as others or expressing themselves clearly. They may have insufficient ability to take care of their physical needs or limited mobility. Many have more than one disability.

Intellectual and/or developmental disabilities have a variety of causes, which can occur before, during or after birth. Those occurring before birth include genetic problems, poor prenatal care or exposure of the fetus to toxic elements, drugs or alcohol. Occurrences during birth, such as a cut off of oxygen to the baby, or accidents after birth, like car accidents causing traumatic brain injury, can also cause developmental disabilities.

It is difficult to define the limits of people with disabilities, as we continue to discover extraordinary abilities within them. While those with disabilities face a more challenging future than most, they can still enjoy a full and active life. What they need most is encouragement, understanding and the willingness of others to help them maximize their opportunities for becoming a part of their community.

Arc of Genesee Orleans exists to support people with disabilities and their families in partnership with the community. Advocacy and community education are key factors of our success in meeting our mission. Disability Awareness education and presentations about our programs and services are available for interested community groups, businesses and educators.

For more information about our community education presentations contact Shelley Falitico at 343-4203 ext. 222, or e-mail at sfalitico@arcgo.org.

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